Saturday, April 28, 2012

They Don't Call It "Girl Talk" for Nothing

So... I was chit chatting with a few of my co- worker friendlys at lunch one day, talking about girly things such as clothes, gossip, boys...

"I love a nice six pack and tan"

"I love a cute skater boy with a hat"

"I really like a guy in a suit and nice smile"

Me - "I love a thick beard and Tom Selleck chest"


Apparently I'm the only one that loves a manly man.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

They Don't Call Me "Ghetto" for Nothing

*** WARNING: The following content requires earmuffs ***

A few months ago I went to happy hour with a few of my co-workers.  One of them called me "edgy" with a little bit of "ghetto".  I didn't really care because I was a few vodka sodas deep and haven't thought about it since.... until today.

I just came out of a meeting and stopped by co-worker friendly's cube.

Co-Worker Friendly - What's wrong?  Did you just get out of another meeting?

Me - Ya... I feel like I just got bent over and *earmuffs* *earmuffs* *earmuffs*

Co-Worker Friendly - (uncomfortable laugh)  Ohh....

Me -  I've never waned to *earmuffs* slap someone so bad and then *earmuffs* *earmuffs* *earmuffs* etc...

As I walked I away I realized, "Wow... normal people probably don't talk that way in the work place... or at all".  I decided that I really need to work on my language as a "lady".  I thought about being edgy and ghetto... and then also remembered what the Mr. had once told me as a result of my "gangsta-ness".

"Babe - I could never cheat on you. I'm too scared you would cut my *earmuffs* off and throw it in some bush somewhere."

I suppose being "ghetto" has its pros and cons.

I will cut you.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

They Don't Call it "El Pasion" for Nothing

Sometimes I worry that the Mr. and my relationship will one day become stale... that we will lose that "El Pasion" and the "El Fuego" will be distinguished... So ....I like to test it out to make sure the Mr. still cares.  My strategy involves seeing if he gets all "En Fuego" by asking him random questions, giving him vague answers, and suggesting he has "nights off".

Random Questions

The Mr. is watching TV on the couch as I'm sitting in front of the computer.  Suddenly, I peek over and say:

Me - Do you think girls with glasses are sexy?

the Mr. - What?

Me - Do you think I look cute when I wear my glasses?

the Mr. - Why?... You're wondering if other guys think you're hot in your glasses?  Are you going to go parading around in them now?  Why would you ask that?  Now you're going to start wearing them to work... etc, etc...

Vague Answers

I just got a text message on fancy phone and am texting back...

the Mr. - Who are you texting?

Me - the person who text me.

the Mr. - Who is it?

Me - (silence as I continue texting)

the Mr. - Who is that?

Me - (giggles)

the Mr. - Are you texting a guy?  You're texting a guy right now?  You better tell me.

Me - ...It's your Mom

"Night Off"

Me - Maybe you should go hang out with your friends tonight.

the Mr. - Why?

Me - Because you haven't seen them in awhile and it'll be nice for you to get out for the night.

the Mr. - (Looonnng Pause)  So you can have "someone" over while I'm gone?  I don't think so.  Nice try.


He does love me!

Our "El Pasion" is still in tact.

We are both insane.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

They Don't Call it "Instagram" for Nothing

I'm addicted to Instagram.  What?... I'm addicted to taking pictures and sharing them on a social networking app on fancy phone? Weird....

"Why do you take so many pictures?"

"Because they're my happy place... and I want to go there."

I had to add a montage of cupcake pictures because they too are an important part of my life... and my family's... without them, they would hate me.  (Not because I use cupcakes to bribe them for affection... but because I eat them on a regular basis in order to escape reality)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

They Don't Call it "Cake" for Nothing

I've been baking a lot lately.  I think it's just the mood I'm in... by mood I mean, "The Wedding is over and I can finally stop starving myself", kind of mood.  I bake, save a few pieces for the Mr. and me, and bring the rest to work.

"What's the occasion?"

I usually like to answer with a smile and say, "No reason... just felt like baking a cake...".  I think it paints a nice picture in my co-workers' minds of how I must spend my weekends.    

Sometime I mix it up and say, "I bake when work is stressing me out." or "I'm about to get my period." I find these excuses more relatable... because they're true... but maybe not as work appropriate?


Sunday, April 15, 2012

They Don't Call Her "Baby Doll" for Nothing

The Mr. - Do you think it's weird that little girls get baby dolls to play with?

I guess I never really thought about it, but it is kind of weird.  Our little girl playing Mommy. Then again, what else should she play with?

Here you go Chitlin... It's a notepad, pen, calculator, and bottle of aspirin... Now go sit in front of the computer and pretend you're Mommy at work.

I can see how playing with baby dolls would be more appealing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

They Don't Call Me "Snexay" for Nothing

I took snexay pics. It was a groupon/living social/travelzoo deal thing that popped into my email inbox that I just couldn't ignore.  I asked myself, "Why not?".  It was going to be a surprise gift for the Mr.... but seeing that I'm not a good liar, knew he was going to ask where I was going, and had the slightest hesitation in that he would be pissed... I had to tell/ask him.

the Mr. - Why? Are you going through an early mid life crisis?

Me - No.  I think it'll be fun... and that you'll really like them..

What I really wanted to say was... "Good God, let me have some proof for when I'm old that I once was young before we have another kid and my left boob hangs even lower than my right and things get more wrinkly, saggy, and grey." ... but I thought that would be too much and that I would lose him at the word boob.  Anyhooters, he agreed.  So I went, had a blast, and love them. 

I told some friends and they had q's like, "Were you nervous?" "Did you need to have a drink before?"  "Was it weird?" ... Not at all... but I think that after I did my big peep show called, "Giving Birth" ...all of my inhibitions seem to have been distinguished.

I thought I'd share some of my faves... along with some snexay thoughts going through my head.

I guess you could say it's a little vain... but then again, we all do things to make us feel good about ourselves in one form or another... so I can't say this gift was really totally for the Mr... but I can say he did like them!

Friday, April 6, 2012

They Don't Call it "More Kids?" for Nothing

The Chitlin is turning two soon and is proving to us that she is no longer a baby. She's throwing tantrums and cursing up a storm trying to prove her point... Wonder where she learned that from.  Anyways... We're beginning to think about if we should start trying for number two.

Me - Should we have another baby?

The Mr. - Well if we do, I'm not rushing home every day and taking care of TWO kids until you get home.

Me - (getting defensive) But you get off work earlier... What do you want me to do?! Quit my job?!

The Mr. - Well it wouldn't really make sense for me to quit.

Me - (getting huffy puffy) So you're saying YOU would want ME to quit?!

The Mr. - (pause) Is this your way of getting what you want and making me think it's my idea?

Me - (pause) ....Yes.

Dang that Mr. knows me all too well...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

They Don't Call Me "Wifey" for Nothing

I've been a little busy and haven't been able to post on the blog for awhile.  By busy, I mean... We got married.  That's right... I'm officially the Mrs. to my Mr. =)

Being married is awesome.  It's pretty much the same as before. We still learn from each other, are supportive, and show each other love... all via text message.


Every day is a new lesson in life... even in doing laundry.


It's important to support each other... especially in our careers.


Love. It's important to tell each other every day.... every single day for the rest of our lives.

Bless his heart... the Mr. and his patience... but he doesn't call me "Wifey" for nothing. ;)