Tuesday, June 19, 2012

They Don't Call it "Change" for Nothing

Things are no longer as we know it in our little place called Cubicle Land.. In fact, life has certainly changed... Our cubicle walls have been torn down, leaving us exposed to curious bystanders and passersby.  We have been moved around from our comfort zones and forced to sit closer to our "team".... and by closer, I mean - in each others' face and catching awkward glances past the top of our computer screens.  So every day I look over and think... "There you are!"  This place is no longer Cubicle Land... but more like the Land of "Everyone Can Now See How Much I Eat and Shop Online When I'm Supposed to Be Super Swamped with Work so I Better Be More Conscious of What I Eat, Do, and Say" pods.  Yes... that would be more accurate.  Apparently, it's a really great way to get to know your team.  Like people now know I have the bladder of a small child and the thirst of a dehydrated alcoholic - two things not matched well together ... and I now know, from looking around the room, that some people think that picking your nose while staring at your computer screen is the same thing as picking your nose in your car.... it's as if no one sees you doing it... but really everyone does.  *sigh*

I suppose I must do as they do in the wild... and just adapt to the change.


  1. Oh man I remember when they did that to our cubicle land area at our distribution center it was crazy I think the big corporations like to do this in order to keep big brother watching.