Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New App

The Mr. and I are laying in bed... Him watching TV and Me laughing hysterically at my phone.

The Mr. - What are you laughing at?

Me - This new photo app I downloaded... Look!

And then the Mr. started laughing.

It's one of those apps where you stick your head on someone else's body or put your face on a billboard and such. I was so amused that I just about pissed myself... Or at least peed a little enough amount that I pretended it didn't happen. Either way, I was very happy with my new free purchase. So happy, in fact, that I think I should take all of my picture creations and make a collage... And then turn the collage into cards for my family and friends... And the cards could proudly display all of the "events" and "accomplishments" that happened throughout the year... And these "events" and "accomplishments" can make them all jelly/worry/laugh/scared for my mental stability. It could display things like:

This year we...

Got Married!

The Mr. Got a New Tattoo!

The Chitlin Turned into a Blood Sucking Vampire

(Laughter followed by a huge sigh) ...And these are the reasons why I need to get out more.