Sunday, November 27, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Fancy" for Nothing

I finally did it.  I got fancy and bought a smart phone.  I've officially joined the rest of the world.  It was never that important to me to have one because:

1.  Who really needs a phone that does fancy things?  All I need is something I can call and text people with. (aka: I'm cheap)

2. I struggle with keeping up with technology. (Why do I need a cell phone?  I have a pager and can read pager code.  Helllloooo)

3. I would rather spend my money on more important things. (Like supporting my shopping habit)

Which all leads me to my breaking point.  This was the exact moment I cracked and decided it was time.

I was in line on Black Friday at one of my fave stores.  It was about 7am and I was clutching my treasures that I felt like I was basically getting for free.  (50% off!!!)  I waited for about 1/2 hr and realized the line had not moved.  I began to estimate the time I had left to wait by counting the number of people ahead of me and multiplying that by 8 mins... maybe 5 if there were more cashiers open!!!  It dawned on me that if I had a smart phone I could be searching my treasures online and buying them as I waited!  This meant: saving time + saving money + gaining sanity = I NEED A NEW PHONE!!!

So I walked out of line and spent the money I would have spent on my treasures to finally get a smart phone.  I couldn't be happier... I have a new fancy phone that does fancy things AND takes fancy pictures.

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