Thursday, July 26, 2012


The other week the Mr. and I went to Medieval Times for the first time and I was super excited.  I've been wanting to go to that place since I watched the movie "Cable Guy".

All my excitement was rightfully so... Healthy pours of wine, eating meat with your hands, guys playing dress up on horses, more wine... that's like a cocktail of fun.

Me - That was fun!

the Mr. - Ya... I think you should start calling me "My Lord" now.

Maybe I should add this to my "Places I Think Are Fun After Drinking Goblets of Wine" list.


  1. Fun! I've only been to Medieval Times once as a teen so sadly there was no wine involved!

  2. They don't call me Queen and King...Happy Friday

  3. Guys playing dress up... mmmm... would like to fix their hair, do you think they'd let me powder their noses? lol xoxo