Saturday, August 4, 2012


Being away from my parents and sister has made me talk to them more frequently on the phone.  It bums me out that I miss out on bonding time because we live an 8 hour drive away from each other.  I miss the little things like having dinner together, watching a game, and just going to the movies...  Apparently, I missed out the other day when my Mom and Sister went and watched "Magic Mike" together...

Conversation with Sister Bestie:

Me - So how was the movie?

Sister Bestie - It was ok... I was the youngest person there.

Me - Was it weird watching it with Mom?

Sister Bestie - Kinda... she just was laughing a lot.. and there was that one part of the movie when she turned to me and asked, "What is that?" ... and I had to tell her it was obviously a penis pump.

Me - Awkward...

Conversation with Mom

Me - So how was the movie?

Mom - It was good! I like that Channing Tatum... he's a good looking young man.

Me - Do you think my sister was uncomfortable watching it with you?

Mom - I don't think so... she looked comfortable... she had her feet up on the seats... who puts there feet up in the movie theatre?

Me - Not that kind of uncomfortable.

Mom - (Laughs) I don't know why she would be... your Mother is no prude.

Me - Awkward...

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