Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Every summer the Mr. and I go to the Bay Area and watch the Giants play the Dodgers.  We've gone every year since we met, besides the summer the Chitlin was born... aka "The Summer We Were Fucking Walking Zombies". 

This year as we walked towards the stadium, holding hands, wearing opposing team colors...

Me - We are a walking sign of peace.

the Mr. - Because we like rival baseball teams.

Me - ...and because we are an interacial couple representing the melting pot called America.

the Mr. - (Silence as he led the way to the bar)

On a different note...

Every year we've gone my team always loses.  This year, we were so close!  But alas... it was almost.

Our reactions to almost...


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  1. What great pics....I don't like baseball but I like going to the games