Monday, February 25, 2013


How I Answer "Are You Pregnant Yet?" Questions From My Mama
Mama - Now, I don't want to bug you or stress you out.... but.. are you pregnant yet?  I can't wait for more Grandbabies!
Me - Ummm, no... not last time I checked.
Mama - Ok... well I know I ask a lot... but don't get stressed out.  Just don't worry about it... and then it'll happen!
Me - I know... It's ok.. but we did have sexual intercourse today so you never know.
Mama - Oh yuck!  You didn't have to tell me that.
Me - But you asked.
Mama - I didn't ask that.
Me - Well I don't know how you guys did it... but I'm pretty sure sexual intercourse is how you get pregnant.
Mama - (laughing) Ok fine!  I won't ask you about it anymore.


  1. That would stop me from asking.

  2. Eek! So exciting that you're trying for #2!

    If it makes you feel any better, we're not even trying and people ask me if I'm pregnant/when I'm going to have another baby.