Tuesday, December 27, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Freaking Out" for Nothing

I had a little freak out the other night, but it's ok... because I did it silently in my head.

I was giving the Chitlin her bath when I found all these little clumps of something floating amongst her bubbles.  My inner monologue went a little something like this:

WHAT THE F IS THAT?! and that and that AND THAT!  ....did she poop... no... doesn't look like poop... looks like intestines... OMG - IT'S HER INTESTINES!!!  Wait... if it were her intestines she wouldn't be able to play splish splash in the water...  looks kind of slimy... IS IT PART OF HER SKIN?!!!  Wait... no, she looks fine... (I hear the Mr. coughing in the other room)  EWWW!!! ARE THESE LOOGIES?!!  DID HE REALLY DO THAT IN THE BATH AND NOW I'M BATHING OUR CHILD IN IT??!!!

Me - BABEEEE!!!!

(1 second later I could hear the Mr. get up from his chair)

Me - (looking in the bathtub)  NEVERMIND!

...It was just the pre chewed grapes and raviolis she had been hoarding in her mouth from dinner.

PHEW! My little chipmunk...

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