Thursday, February 2, 2012

They Don't Call it "the Dress" for Nothing

So I'm going on a girls trip to VEGAS and such an occasion calls for a new dress.  So I went online and bought one. I was so excited when it came that I immediately tried it on... That was the exact moment I truly realized I wasn't in my early 20's anymore.  Dang those models for being the cause of my hallucinations!  *angrily shakes fist*  Anyhoo... The Mr. agreed and had his own suggestions.

Me - I don't like it.

the Mr. - Ya - I don't think it's really you... you should get a sundress.

Me - A what?

the Mr. - You know... like what the girl from the T Mobile commercials wears.  She looks really cute.

Uhh huhh... hmmm... my sweetie pie Mr.... apparently we are both delusional.

my thinking...

his thinking...

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