Sunday, January 29, 2012

They Don't Call it "Sleeping In" for Nothing

The Mr. said something hilarious as we lay in bed Friday night...

"I feel like sleeping in this weekend."

LOL - good luck! The last time we "slept in" was when the Chitlin didn't wake us up until 8am.  I remember waking up confused and disoriented... yet extremely grateful for the extra hour!

Here are some pictures from the weekend... and no - there was no sleeping in. ;)



  1. I sleep in till 9 am but I don't get to go to bed until 2 am. I never knew what exhaustion was until I had children :) Love the pictures!

  2. Chitlan is getting cuter and cuter... just like her Mommy! xoxo

  3. Oh dear Jenny - 2 am?! I can barely make it to midnight! lol... and I agree - no one knows what exhausted really means until they have kids! =)

    Thanks Caffe! Always a sweetheart! Cheers xoxo