Wednesday, May 23, 2012

They Don't Call it "Fashion" for Nothing

Subject: Fashion
Who: Women vs. Men

Women's Fashion

Me:  I think these flats are so cute.

the Mr.:  Why would you want to wear slippers with a Sheriff's badge?

Me:  I love wrap bracelets.

the Mr.:  Looks like you're trying to tie a small belt around your wrist.

Me: What do you think of my new lipstick color?

the Mr.:  What's the difference?

Me: This is orange... the other one if pink.

Men's Fashion

the Mr.: I forgot I had this shirt!  Isn't it cool?

Me: ....sure.


  1. Ok this is hilarious especially the TB flat I got a pair and my husband said the same thing....BTW it takes forever to break those damn things in not the most comfy

  2. lol... thanks for the giggles Darling! xoxo

  3. Wow! I'm calling LAME! I wrote the EXACT same thing as the last time... but it's true, you make me giggle Darling! xoxo