Saturday, May 19, 2012

They Don't Call it a "Petting Zoo" for Nothing

The other weekend the Mr. and I decided to venture out of our little home by the beach and find somewhere new to take the Chitlin.

the Mr. - Babe.. go on the computer and google aquariums.

Me - The closest one is about 45 mins away.

the Mr. - Never mind.

Me - (looking up from the computer)  There's a petting zoo about 15 mins away.

So off we went.... and that's when I discovered my fear of all petting zoo creatures.  Those things scared the bejesus out of me.  They followed me around with their hungry eyes, staring at the little basket of lettuce, carrots, and crap in my hands... they backed me up in a little corner and started clawing their dirty little hoofs all over me.  I wanted to throw the basket of crap at them and run for my life... but instead, I composed myself and squealed "Help me!" ...The Mr. had been walking around with the Chitlin while the attack occured and heroically took over food duty.

 Mr. Goat




  1. Maybe your just not a farm animal person...Girl I am the same way....

    1. totally not a farm animal person... they are stinky lol