Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

The Mr. is proud of the fact that he is really good at fixing things around the house without any help at all (SEXY).  So you can imagine his frustration when he couldn't get the old floor furnace to work (grumplestilskins).

The Mr. is crouched on the floor checking this thing out...

The Mr. - This pilot light just won't stay lit!

Me - (Calling out from the kitchen)  Sounds like it might be the thermocouple.

The Mr. - Ya... That's what I was thinking...

Me - Did you try tightening it?

The Mr. - I can't reach it... it's really far down there.

Me - Hmmm... maybe we should try troubleshooting to determine the source of the problem and identify a potential resolution.

The Mr. - (Pause)  Are you just googling all of this?

Me - No. I know stuff about floor furnaces.

The Mr. - (Silence)

Me - Ok.. I googled it.

I looked over and saw him smile and chuckle as he got up and walked away... Ya... I think it's the thermocouple.. ;)


  1. This post may as well have been written in German, cause I have no fucking clue what any of it said! Pretty sure my husband wouldn't know either, he's not the handiest of men. :p

  2. Very funny!

    But you really should check the franastan first!

  3. Dave and I are hysterical!