Monday, December 10, 2012

Washing Machine

This is what I learned the other day.  DO NOT PUT STUFFED ANIMALS IN THE WASHER. Here is why and what went down:

One night the Chitlin had a really bad cough and the poor thing coughed so hard that she threw up all over her bed and stuffed animals.  So... I put them in the washer.

This was wrong because:

One stuffed animal ripped open and clogged the washer so it couldn't drain.
Then the washer got unclogged and the main line to the house got clogged.
So when I was rinsing off the dishes in the sink  - it wouldn't drain.
Instead it started to flood when I turned on the disposal...
Which in turn made me really scared to go to the bathroom and flush the toilet.

And all of this equaled:

ONE PISSED OFF HUSBAND... and the loss of our panda pilllow pet friend.