Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The Holidays were cray cray (I don't care if I'm in my 30's... I still want to use the expression "cray, cray").  We were all over the place... Orange County, L.A., the Desert, Vegas... We spent so much time in the car we were ready to kill each other.

While the Mr. drives and I stare drowsily at the road...

the Mr. - You are NOT allowed to fall asleep right now!

Me -  Why not?!  It's a 3 hour drive and you know I get narcolepsy while driving long distances.

the Mr. - NO SLEEPING!!!

Me - Fine. .....I have to pee.


All which resulted into having no problem with New Years Eve looking like this...
Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday... Bring it on 2013

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