Monday, January 28, 2013


Because everything that is meant to be will be...  Because the glass is always half full... Because there's a bright side to everything...  Because the Xanax helps me chill the fuck out.


I've had a large amount of bird poop in the middle of my windshield for weeks now.  I keep forgetting to clean it off when I go to the gas station... But then it rained this week and that took care of that.  WIN!

I asked the Husband to get me a zucchini from the store for the pasta I was making.  He came back with a cucumber... But then I had cucumber for my shake in the morning.  WIN!

I was about to take a shower when I realized I was out of body wash.  This was a problem because: 1) I didn't want to smell like the Mr's Old Spice.  2) The Chitlin's vanilla/ bubblegum/ strawberry stuff makes me think of strippers.  3) 1 and 2 were not good enough reasons to wake the Chitlin up from her nap and go to the store.... But it's ok! Because I have an obscene collection of toiletries I like to save from hotels.  DOUBLE WIN... because they're freeeeee!


  1. You make me smile Darling... and that's a WIN!!! xoxoxoxoxox

    1. Aww well thank you Caffe... WIN! ;)

  2. Way to put a positive spin on all of it!

    Your husband coming back with a cucumber instead of squash reminds me of something my hubby did today. I was telling him how my three year old niece took the eye shadow I just bought and was hiding it somewhere. We were at my sisters house (the mother of my niece) and there was a mascara brush laying on the floor nearby (who knows why, my niece is three and obsessed with make up). He points to it and says, "Is that the top to your eye shadow?" Oh men. They don't know the difference between cucumbers and squash or mascara and eye shadow.

  3. Win you made me laugh especially with the cucumber zucchini love