Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Wishlist

Nothing like a rainy weekend to encourage fun indoor activities... mine would be online shopping OF COURSE.  The best website to surf is Etsy... all sorts of stuff I didn't know I needed on there.  AMAZING!

I just got these in the mail.  They're cute 5.5x5.5 postcards I plan on framing and putting up in the Chitlin's room.  The Mr.'s sarcastic take on them... "That was $20 well spent."  He just doesn't get it.

Set of 3 headbands for the Chitlin... ordered them and can't wait to see if she actually keeps them on her head.

Placemats... because the Mr. keeps using my nice napkins as placemats and it's starting to really bug.

Less than a week away from "No New Things February" ... I AM FREAKING OUT.

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