Sunday, April 21, 2013

Drop Kick

We were at the park the other day and something happened that just broke a piece of my heart. It was small... But made me realize something so big.

The Chitlin was playing with some older girls (6 years old). She was laughing and smiling... Tagging along... but after awhile they didn't want to play with her anymore and got up to leave.

The Chitlin yelled to stop and told them not to go. She tried to reach for one of their hands (as she does all the time when she wants to show us something or to come and play) and the little girl moved her arm away and screamed at her. She screamed at my little 2 1/2 year old and said, "Get away from me and just leave me alone!" It was so loud and angry that the Chitlin started crying... And my heart just sank... someone had just hurt her feelings for the first time and she didn't understand why she got yelled at for wanting to play.

I explained to her that the girls didn't have to play anymore if they don't want to and not to touch other kids... But I wish someone else was there to tell their little girl not to yell at toddlers.

I thought about this moment all day and couldn't sleep all night. I realized that the older the Chitlin got the less I will be able to protect her from EVERYTHING. She will get her feelings hurt, she will get her heart broken... She will be disappointed and let down. She will leave the protected bubble of our home. We will not be all that she knows...

A little piece of my heart broke that day... and for the first time in my life... Mama Bird felt the urge to drop kick a kid.

I wish I could just hold you every single day.... As if this would keep all the bad things away
Little girl...

every day you grow...

so many things..

you still need to know...


  1. Holding on is easy, it is the letting go that is so difficult.

    Very nice post, I could feel your pain.

  2. Ohhhh girl...I am so sorry that must have really sucked. I have seen this happen to my daughter in ballet class the older girls just really are kind of not nice to the younger girls. It hurts my heart. I feel ya girl....

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