Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The Mr. vs. My Online Shopping Habit... Again

Walking in the door after work to find a package...

Me : (picking it up) What's this? (I often forget when I order things online)

The Chitlin rushes over... She believes every package in the mail is for her (a result of having 2 Grandmas living far away that spoil her... and of me buying a majority of her clothes online)

The Chitlin: We open it?

Me: Yup! (tearing open the box and unwrapping all the tissue paper)

The Chitlin: It's a spoon! (a spoon rest to be exact)

The Mr.: (Sarcastically) Oh cool!  Something we totally need! (rolls eyes and walks away)

Me: Actually we DO need it.. because we have nothing to rest utensils on when we cook.


I turn and look at the Chitlin still sitting beside me

The Chitlin: I LOVE SPOONS!!!
Well... as long as someone else in this house likes it... LOL


  1. We have two...very useful spoons!

  2. Geeze did you overhear a conversation that went on in our house...BTW same here the little GG always thinks boxes she gets from UPS are always for her and most of the time they are.....

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