Saturday, June 25, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Better Clear it with the King First" for Nothing!

The other week I went and met my Bestie Kate half an hour away from home for an intimate Birthday dinner just the two of us.  She was finally joining the rest of us ladies and turning early 30's! Right as I was out the door the Mr. said, "Don't drink too have to drive home. You're a mom now."(Ummm like my stretchmarks and his nagging would ever let me forget.)  Me - "Of course!"   But as many nights go...a drink with appetizers, another with dinner, maybe one in between, leads to us ordering dessert and pondering, "Should I have another?"

Me - "I want another drink"

Bestie Kate - "But then we shouldn't drive"

Me - "You're right....hey, lets rent a room nearby and just keep drinking?!" "It'll be like we're in our 20's again!"

Bestie Kate - "That would be so much fun!"

Me - "Ok, let me clear it with the man"

Being the only Mommy out of my closest besties I figured one night off from interrupted baby crying sleep couldn't hurt right?  Wrong. The phone calls & text messages from me and her were only shut down...We even tried the, "But it's for our safety..." angle.  NO DICE. This Mommy must finish dessert, down some water, and have "whata bummer" conversation until it is deemed safe to drive.  Wah wahhh...

The next morning the Mr. turned to me and said, "You need to start treating me like the King".  All I could do was laugh...

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