Wednesday, June 29, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Eavesdropping Cubicle Monkey" for Nothing

I live in a cubicle world and I am a cubicle girl.  My cubicle is pretty special for two reasons. 

1. It isn't your regular cubicle with walls you can easily pop up and look over.  These walls are high.  They are so high that I must stand on my tip toes in order to see anything.  By anything, I mean more rows of cubicles.

2. I have a prime location.  Corner cubicle right next to the bathroom and printer.  There's a name for this and it's called Perfection.

These high walls and prime location also allow me to eaves drop on some pretty juicy convos....Here are some examples:

"We'll work on it a little bit."

"We need to train her."

"If you're slammed, we'll do a team assist."

Umm, yea. That's right, you read correctly.  I sit quietly in my cubicle while being surrounded by dedicated sex addicts open to team orgy's.  Someone please send help...I am the Eavesdropping Cubicle Monkey.

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