Sunday, June 26, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Ma'am" for Nothing

The other day I was at the store and the kid collecting the carts called me Ma'am.  It was the first time anyone has ever called me that.  It sparked something deep inside me. Not a fuse or match, but more of an "aha" that sparked more and more "aha's" until it all made sense. It all came together like connect the dots............This "Blank" is Old.

Aha #1 - Not Needing an ID When Purchasing my Bottles of Vino

Nice Checker Bestie - "Do you have your ID?"

Me - (as i rummage through my wallet then purse) "Oh boy, I can't find it."

Nice Checker Bestie - "It's ok. I believe you."

You do? What gave it away?  Was it my multiple rewards cards that I flashed?  Babies R Us, Ralphs, CVS, Best Buy......? Was is the exhaustion in my face and the careless look of no makeup, unbrushed hair, and "I just don't care today" outfit?  OR was it that..."This trick is obviously over 21...25...30?"!!!!

Aha #2 - Not Understanding Today's Hip with it Lingo

I suddenly found myself utilizing the UrbanDictionary more often.  I mean, I know basics such as LOL and WTF....but there were other things I didn't quite understand. UD I went!  So take that ROTFL, SMH, and Ghost Ride the Whip! I now know what you turds mean! Ha!

Aha #3 - NKOTB vs. BSB

As some might know these two magnificent, once overwhelmingly popular, boy bands have been brought together in concert and are available for viewing once again.  Here is how one conversation went with my younger Co-Worker Bestie.

Me - "Wouldn't it be fun to see the New Kids in concert again?"

Co-Worker Bestie - "Um, I'm more of the Backstreet Boys era."

Me - "Haha...Oh ya"

Co-Worker Bestie - "But it would be fun to go and wear some of my old BSB tees!"

Me - "Ya!  I wish I still had some of my old buttons!"

Co- Worker Bestie - "Buttons? Like big ones with faces on them?"

Me - (head hung low) "Yea..."

All equals....Big Aha!
Yes, this trick is old.  Whatever.  Joey McIntyre, Sir.... You're my dream!

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