Tuesday, June 28, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Selectively Anal" for Nothing

The Mr. calls me lazy.  I'm not.  I'm selectively anal.  I'm selectively anal compared to him being overly anal about cleaning.  If being picky is a crime...arrest me Sir.

Exhibit A - The Boudoir.

Yes, there are clothes on the floor, but note how perfectly the bed is made.  The decorative pillows are completely in line and centered as they lay on the bed.  The crisp fold below the pillows add a detailed touch that show someone took time and care in this display.... and that someone was me.  Dun, dun, dunnnnn

Exhibit B - The Kitchen Counters.

There is clutter on the closest counter, but notice the cleanliness of the one behind it.  It has been wiped clean, everything put in their place, and the dishes are washed and put away.  There is also a blue, green, and yellow folded dishtowel displayed on the sink, adding a splash of color and joy to the area. Someone definitely took her time here.

The Verdict.
In Conclusion...The Mr. is out of order and should choose his words more wisely.  As for me, the only thing I am guilty of is being Selectively Anal.

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