Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Don't Call it "My Nemesis" for Nothing

There are many things that have given me trouble as a new Mommy.  My biggest nemesis? The stroller.  Those things are NOT easy.  They're big, heavy, have tricky switches/levers/thingies ... and I ALWAYS have trouble figuring them out.  I can pop them open, but I can never collapse them, no matter how big or small. 

Our Big Stroller.
It was our first stroller and perfect for newborn Chitlin.  We went on our first walk together in it...  and I struggled to get it to collapse in our front yard when we got home.  I stood there pulling and stepping on things until the neighborhood ladies came over to help give it a try.  It took 3 grown women, pulling and tugging, to NOT get that thing to collapse, and finally give up. The Mr. came home half an hour later and did it in two seconds.

Our Little Stroller.
The simple umbrella stroller.  The Chitlin and I went to the mall and I just couldn't figure it out.  It took me only 5 minutes to give up and throw that thing (in all it's popped up open glory) in the spacious trunk of my car.  I got home and the Mr. figured it out in a second.

I like to credit his mechanical skills on this and not him having superior maternal skills.


  1. Seriously, strollers are kind of evil. Sometimes mine makes me cry!

  2. Lol! Ok...I may have also shed a tear or two during my frustrations.

  3. LOL! I know EXACTLY what you mean Darling! Before kids, I was a flight attendant... who would of thought? lol Passengers would leave their strollers at the door and I would have to close them... HA!! Even the airplane mechanics would see that it was me on board and come up to close the strollers for me!
    At least I don't have to deal with strollers anymore, I deal with wine bottle openers instead... xoxo

  4. Haha! I would much rather deal with wine openers... Oh wait. I do that in between my fights with the strollers. ;)

  5. I have cussed mine out on a daily basis. How long do we have to use the dang things?

  6. Oh How I miss thoses days....LOL =)
    Strollers were the reason my kids were forced to walk at 7/8 months ;^D