Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Don't Call it "Third Times a Charm" for Nothing

Pam from Reviews She ROTE has awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award!  This is my 3rd time receiving this award which makes it extra special because 3 happens to be my FAVORITE number!  So, to keep up with the theme... I'm changing up the rules and mentioning 3 things about me and 3 of my favorite blogs.  Thanks again Pam!

3 Things About Moi

- After High School, I did Theatre and Dance for a few years before going to a Fashion College.
- I work in the Retail/Fashion Industry and sit/stare in a cubicle all day long.
- My cubicle is where I like to catch up on my favorite blogs.

3 of My Favorite Blogs (happen to be about 3 of my favorite things)

Mommy Blog
- Caffeinated OC Mommy

Photography Blog
- Love is Everywhere

Fashion Blog
- My Style Diaries

Well there you have it... All good things come in 3's.


  1. OH YOU SWEETIE PIE!!! Congrats on number 3, that's because you're THREEmendous... get it? lol Oh, it's Friday! xoxo