Friday, October 21, 2011

They Don't Call her "Tutu-licious" for Nothing

If I could write a letter to a certain piece of clothing... it would be the tutu.

Dear Tutu,

Why do you taunt me?  You are my weakness... my addiction and "need".  I have no self control when I see you... no restraint or discipline. You have turned the Chitlin's closet into a rainbow of tulle.  You have turned me into one of those crazy hoarders that are in constant denial...

"It's ok... we don't have this color." ....I whisper to myself softly. 

"At least it's not a closet full of breeding cats." ....I say a little louder.

"It's a closet full of magic and imagination." ...I state with a smile.

Please leave me alone dear tutu... you are making me crazy with all the ridiculous cuteness.


  1. Holy Tutu batman those are allot of tutu's. That's OK I have the same problem hoarding skinny jeans and shoes for my daughter...secret safe with us ;0)

  2. Lol! My daughter's shoe collection has just begun. My reasoning: "Every girl needs a pair of pink cowboy boots!" ;)

  3. Hehe... my daughter is nearly two and I she doesn't own any tutus yet... although I have a feeling that once I buy that first one it's going to be a quick downhill slope from there! I have this awful tendency to buy something cute and then try to find it in every color of the rainbow. You should see my daughter's collection of giant hair flowers and headbands!!! (In my defense, I bought them in bulk on Ebay)... LOL

    Stopping by from the voiceBoks members to remember event! Adorable pics!

    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

  4. Oh my goodness, that is just precious!! She is such a beautiful little girl! My daughter doesn't have any tutus, but I want one now! Lol

  5. Well when they are as adorable as these pictures, how an you resist? i thought maybe you were wearing 1 for yourself!