Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Dont' Call her "Daddy's Little Girl" for Nothing

The Chitlin is Daddy's little girl. I feel bad for the first boy who comes to our door and even worse for the last man to walk through it....

6 months old.
When the Chitlin was 6 months old we went to visit our Couple Besties who have a little boy about 7 months older than the Chitlin. 

Girl Couple Bestie - "Wouldn't it be adorable if they grow up to be best friends and then boyfriend and girlfriend?"

We both sat there smiling and imagining how cute it would be .... Later on...

The Mr. - "That's never happening...no boyfriends!"

10 months old.
Sitter Bestie was telling us how her neighbor has a little boy around the same age as the Chitlin and they were over playing.

Sitter Bestie - "It was so cute...they were hugging and playing... She has a little boyfriend."

Me - "How adorable!"

Later on....

The Mr. - "Is this a girl thing to think it's so cute. .....No boyfriends!"

(Present day) 16 months old.
It was hot over the weekend and we were getting ready to go to the beach.  My sister had gotten the Chitlin a little bikini and grass skirt when she went to Hawaii.  I thought it would be fun for her to try it on.

the Mr. - (took one look, got angry and said....) "No bikinis!"

Me - "....and no boyfriends."

The Chitlin is going to have to explain her Daddy to those boys when she gets older....


  1. He He He such a great t-shirt !! I think if we ever have a girl my husband will be the same ;)
    x x x

  2. HAHA! Yeah my husband is terrified of us ever having a girl :) But being a daddy's girl myself, I'm biased :) My daddy is one of the greatest men I know and it's kinda funny that I married a guy that shares a lot of the same personality characteristics :)

  3. Mine is just the same. Though we do have the most adorable tankini that shows just an inch of tummy and has a frilly skirt and he thinks that is just precious! My son is 15 months - aren't they at a beautiful stage?