Wednesday, April 18, 2012

They Don't Call it "Cake" for Nothing

I've been baking a lot lately.  I think it's just the mood I'm in... by mood I mean, "The Wedding is over and I can finally stop starving myself", kind of mood.  I bake, save a few pieces for the Mr. and me, and bring the rest to work.

"What's the occasion?"

I usually like to answer with a smile and say, "No reason... just felt like baking a cake...".  I think it paints a nice picture in my co-workers' minds of how I must spend my weekends.    

Sometime I mix it up and say, "I bake when work is stressing me out." or "I'm about to get my period." I find these excuses more relatable... because they're true... but maybe not as work appropriate?


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