Sunday, April 22, 2012

They Don't Call it "El Pasion" for Nothing

Sometimes I worry that the Mr. and my relationship will one day become stale... that we will lose that "El Pasion" and the "El Fuego" will be distinguished... So ....I like to test it out to make sure the Mr. still cares.  My strategy involves seeing if he gets all "En Fuego" by asking him random questions, giving him vague answers, and suggesting he has "nights off".

Random Questions

The Mr. is watching TV on the couch as I'm sitting in front of the computer.  Suddenly, I peek over and say:

Me - Do you think girls with glasses are sexy?

the Mr. - What?

Me - Do you think I look cute when I wear my glasses?

the Mr. - Why?... You're wondering if other guys think you're hot in your glasses?  Are you going to go parading around in them now?  Why would you ask that?  Now you're going to start wearing them to work... etc, etc...

Vague Answers

I just got a text message on fancy phone and am texting back...

the Mr. - Who are you texting?

Me - the person who text me.

the Mr. - Who is it?

Me - (silence as I continue texting)

the Mr. - Who is that?

Me - (giggles)

the Mr. - Are you texting a guy?  You're texting a guy right now?  You better tell me.

Me - ...It's your Mom

"Night Off"

Me - Maybe you should go hang out with your friends tonight.

the Mr. - Why?

Me - Because you haven't seen them in awhile and it'll be nice for you to get out for the night.

the Mr. - (Looonnng Pause)  So you can have "someone" over while I'm gone?  I don't think so.  Nice try.


He does love me!

Our "El Pasion" is still in tact.

We are both insane.


  1. Sounds like our house. After 12 years we still have the spark. It is hard to keep it sparking when their is a toddler involved but we have done it.

    1. Very true... a toddler makes it hard to keep things snexay.. but you do it! lol

  2. Ha! You guys are so funny! My sweetie and I are definitely still in love too. Isn't great? :)

  3. You are pretty funny! I had a recent experience where I had gone to get my hair done and had taken the car that we had for sale. The number on the window is my husband's cell. There was a gentleman at the hair salon who was eyeing me up when I got there, and just after I got home, my husband received a text "Are you the woman I saw at the hair salon tonight" My hubby was laughing but jealous...and what made it even funnier was that his mother was in town visiting us and we were all sitting together when the text came in. Needless to say, after a few texts back and forth (encouraged by his mother!) my husband responded with a "are you interested in the car or my wife?" That's how I knew the spark is still there :-)

    1. Wow! Lol isn't it funny how little things like that can make you smile?! I love it... how cute of your hubby to show a little jealousy... Things like that just lets us know... We still got it! Haha ;)

  4. My Hubby likes to say things like...

    Me- Oh, wow he's a really good (fill in the blank)!
    Hubby- Why don't you marry him.
    Me- Umm, yeah okay...

    lol, silly Boyz! xoxo

    1. Lol that's what the Mr. says about my Zac Efron movies infatuation.

      The Mr. - why don't u just marry him?
      Me - you think he would want to?! ...that's so sweet!

      Seeee they do love us! Lol xoxo