Saturday, April 28, 2012

They Don't Call It "Girl Talk" for Nothing

So... I was chit chatting with a few of my co- worker friendlys at lunch one day, talking about girly things such as clothes, gossip, boys...

"I love a nice six pack and tan"

"I love a cute skater boy with a hat"

"I really like a guy in a suit and nice smile"

Me - "I love a thick beard and Tom Selleck chest"


Apparently I'm the only one that loves a manly man.


  1. Ahhhh noooo your not the only one my friend. TS is fine piece of man...which we are highly lacking in this day and age. I miss real men. Where did they all go?

    1. I'm not sure... But some are way too pretty for my taste haha.

  2. lol... oh Daring, I just ADORE a REAL man... that way he can protect me and all of my lipsticks... xoxo

  3. Tom Selick is HOT! I don't like a furry chest, but I think that's bc my dad is VERY HAIRY..... lol