Tuesday, April 24, 2012

They Don't Call Me "Ghetto" for Nothing

*** WARNING: The following content requires earmuffs ***

A few months ago I went to happy hour with a few of my co-workers.  One of them called me "edgy" with a little bit of "ghetto".  I didn't really care because I was a few vodka sodas deep and haven't thought about it since.... until today.

I just came out of a meeting and stopped by co-worker friendly's cube.

Co-Worker Friendly - What's wrong?  Did you just get out of another meeting?

Me - Ya... I feel like I just got bent over and *earmuffs* *earmuffs* *earmuffs*

Co-Worker Friendly - (uncomfortable laugh)  Ohh....

Me -  I've never waned to *earmuffs* slap someone so bad and then *earmuffs* *earmuffs* *earmuffs* etc...

As I walked I away I realized, "Wow... normal people probably don't talk that way in the work place... or at all".  I decided that I really need to work on my language as a "lady".  I thought about being edgy and ghetto... and then also remembered what the Mr. had once told me as a result of my "gangsta-ness".

"Babe - I could never cheat on you. I'm too scared you would cut my *earmuffs* off and throw it in some bush somewhere."

I suppose being "ghetto" has its pros and cons.

I will cut you.


  1. no way! hahah if i didn't read your blog and were to see you on the street, it wouldn't even occur to me to describe you in that way! at least in the picture to the right, you look a bit innocent!

    this is hilarious :D

    1. Haha thanks Kandice! I was surprised to hear me described as that... and then realized I must talk on the phone too loud in my cubicle. ;)

  2. I'll hand you the scissors Darling... xoxo

  3. Okay you so don't look like someone who would be down with the earmuff gangsta crew. I promised myself to watch my mouth this year since little GG is repeating everything I say and I do mean everything.

    1. Ya... The Chitlin likes to walk around and say "shit". When she says it in front of other people I pretend to not hear it so I don't feel like a bad Mom lol

  4. OOOh...yeesh. I prefer my earmuff right where it is.

    Cranky Old Man