Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They Don't Call it "Poem Time" for Nothing

Mama & the Chitlin

It was a beautiful sunny day in the outdoor mall
Mama and the Chitlin were having a ball
The Chitlin was smiling , laughing, and playing
"What a little cutie!", people were saying
But it wouldn't always be such joy and laughter
For the Chitlin had her eye on something she was after
She began to climb the big ledge, like a tall mountain
She wanted to play "splish, splash" in the mall's fountain
But Mama caught her and held her close
Then something happened that she feared most
The end of all the fun and games was very near
The Chitlin began to scream for everyone to hear
She was throwing her first fit outside of their house
Mama felt shakey and tiny, like a mouse
Oh Dear Lord, "What do I do now?"
The Chitlin's face grew red...she was having a cow
Mama grabbed the Chitlin in one arm and the stroller in the other
Now she knew how it felt to be "that Mother"


  1. Yep once they start climbing and scaling things water isthe first thing they want......

  2. I've only had to stop her a couple times from playing "splish, splash" in the toilet...we learned how to keep that bathroom door shut real fast lol

  3. ohhh - that happened to me when my oldest was just shy of 3 - I was 7mths pregnant and had to carry him kicking and screaming out of a mall.......

  4. Oh dear Mamawee! A kicking/screaming child AND being prego! - I would've have probably just lost it right there and then. Lol ;)