Monday, August 1, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Family Time" for Nothing

The other weekend we decided to have some "Family Time" and go to Legoland.  "Why Legoland?", you ask? Well, our goal was to bring the Chitlin to an aquarium to enjoy seeing some fishies and Legoland is actually pretty close to I've never been and the thought of seeing monstrosities made entirely out of Legos really got me excited.  The problem with going to an amusement park, though, is that it's crowded, expensive, and full of tourists.  This all results to the Mr. being very cranky....but it was either drive an hour away, listening to the Chitlin cry half the time, or suck it up.  So it was Legoland or bust and after sitting in traffic to just get there, I could tell the Mr. was already getting his cranky juices flowing. 

The beginning of the Mr. complaints in chronological order:

"Parking is like $50 bucks!" (It's $12)
"Where the feck is a parking spot around here?!" (He used a different version of the word feck)
"I think we're the only non tourists here!" (After a tourist asks him if we are within walking distance of the beach)
"I really need one of 5." (As he eyes a tourist having a beer on the grass outside the park)

But as we approached our destination his banter became soft background noise as my inner child lit up with the site of this:

A montage of memories began to play through my head of me spending hours playing with my beloved Legos....I was super stoked.  But!....more importantly I knew that the Chitlin would be ecstatic to see all the fishies and the Mr. would be silenced by the Chitlin's smile.  ...of course I was correct.

So in the end a good time was had by all.  The Chitlin was ecstatic, I was stoked, and even the Mr. had a little fun.  Although...he did say he found himself a new Lego Mrs. ;)


  1. Mr. Cranky? lol Yep Darling, I know about crowds and Mr. Cranky... we MUST be sister n laws! And btw, we don't live to far away from each other... Cups Up! xoxo

  2. The Mr. hates the crowds! You won't catch him at Target on Sundays lol...and I was just thinking how close we must live to each other! I heart the OC