Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Don't Call Her "Bestie Kate" for Nothing

Bestie Kate was over and we decided to go to the Street Fiesta.  The Mr. opted to stay home with the Chitlin and drop us off... mostly because the idea of maneuvering a stroller through an intoxicated crowd, flanked by two women going this way and that, would give him an anxiety/panic attack so large that no amount of beers could possibly make it right.  So anyways, it was off to the the Street Fiesta for Bestie Kate and moi!... and we did what you do at these things... eat food and stare and random people walk by.

Eat Food

Me - "What do I eat now that I'm a Pescetarian?" (person that does not eat land animals)

Bestie Kate - (smiling w/her eyes) "You are SOOOO not going to make it a month not eating meat."

Me - "I REALLLLY want a hot dog."

Bestie Kate - (getting excited) "I'm totally taking a pic and sending it to the Mr."

Me - (looking around) "Oh good! Fish tacos." (....walks away)

Bestie Kate - "Damn."

Stare at Random People Walk By

Bestie Kate - "I feel over dressed." (apparently the Fiesta uniform was short shorts, bikinis, and boots)

Me - "I feel old." (because this uniform was worn by underage youngsters... haha, I said youngsters.)

Bestie Kate - "Who knew when we were young, drunk, dancing on bar tops, that we would ever feel old?"

Agreed, Bestie Kate...agreed.  And that is why I heart you.

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  1. funny. I can't believe I'm "old" now too!

  2. Really cute concept for a blog. Love it! Thanks for stopping by today. Happy to follow back!