Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Obsessed" for Nothing

There's a girl at my work that I silently obsess over.  Co-Worker Bestie and me like to call her "Pretty Girl".  We know what her real name is ... but think it's less creepy to call her "Pretty Girl".  Talking about her by her real name would make us sound crazy.  We like to dissect the awesomeness that is... "Pretty Girl".

Co-Worker Bestie - "I bet she eats whatever she wants and still stays skinny"

Me - "I bet she eats what she wants and poops out rainbows."

Me- "Pretty Girl shouldn't work here...she should be out being paid to be pretty."

Co-Worker Bestie- "She should be out being paid to be pretty and to poop out rainbows"

"Pretty Girl" is also pretty tricky.  Everything she wears is super cute and makes me hallucinate.  I start to think things like..."Wow....ponchos are so cute!" and "High waisted pants are so flattering."

...I wish I could hate you "Pretty Girl" but I just heart you too much.


  1. Beautiful!:0)

    Hi! Just returning the follow!:0)

  2. I love it!!!!! I bet she fart's sunshine too

  3. LOL! Cups Up Darling, from one Pretty Girl to another... Yes, you know you're Pretty! xoxo

  4. LoL! I know EXACTLY what you mean. There was this one girl in H.S. that I secretly obsessed over. First of all she was a gorgeous blonde, something I could never be. ( I'm full Asian. ) She was on the dance team but had more "swagger" for a white chick. She wore the cutest clothes. I recently looked her up on facebook to find out that not only is she still hot, she's a successful lawyer too! Arrrgghh. I so wish I could hate her, but all I want is to be her for a day. :/

  5. Cheers Caffe! ;)xoxo

    Felina, your secret obsession may still be hot...but you are one hot MILF! ;)

  6. Takes one to know one, girlfriend. :)

  7. OK.... you are a pretty girl. New follower - love and thanks for following me....Lovin' your blog....

  8. Too funny! Hubbys just don't get girl crushes.