Friday, August 26, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Camera Ready" for Nothing

We've all gone through it...turned around for only a second only to come back to a moment of WTF?  Good thing I'm usually camera ready.

At least it wasn't our last roll of toilet paper...or we'd really be in the crapper

Best seat in the house!

Just a funny Daddy making the Chitlin laugh...and me.

*Sigh* Oh boy....Lol


  1. I love the daddy picture! Great fashion statement.
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  3. Thanks so much WarmSunshine! Sounds fun! :)

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  7. hey hun, Amelia also likes to sit in the washing basket (well, mummy likes to put here there).........

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  8. It looks like the little one is having too much fun with the toilet paper and the basket. It's amazing how kids just like the box but not the toy sometimes. So great to read your blog that I awarded you the Versatile Award.
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