Friday, August 12, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Vegetarian" for Nothing

One day the Mr.'s Bro was over talking about how the animals we eat are being treated.  I've been a vegetarian ever since...well, kind of.  I still eat seafood so I guess I'm a semi vegetarian... which is actually called (I looked it up) a pescetarian.  Except they might still eat eggs and I don't... but that's not the point.  Anyway, the Mr. isn't taking this very seriously and it's been almost a week already! Last night he ordered Italian takeout from our favorite place and ordered our usual... mine happens to be a chopped salad with chicken.

Me - "Babe! You know I don't eat meat anymore!"

the Mr. - "Are you serious?"

Me - "Umm... helllooo. I haven't eaten meat in like 4 days."

the Mr. - "...stop being such a hippie."

Me - "Don't be jealous of my new lifestyle choice."

He then proceeded to tell me that I'm not allowed to call myself a vegetarian until I've been one for 30 days.  Fine.  I can do that.  Veggie patties taste just like burgers right?


  1. Being a veggie is a big decision I want to make but it's taking longer than I thought. Thanks for linking up to our weekend hop. Hope to see you next weekend. Wishing you a lovely week ahead.

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  5. Hi - I'm a new follower from the Sunday hop. Good luck with the veggie - um pesca whatever you are doing. I respect your desire not to eat meat. I did it for a while but I ate too many carbs and gained too much weight. Have fun and stick with it.


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  7. nice post! I wish I can go meatless even for just a day.

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