Monday, July 25, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Office Blank" for Nothing

In every office I have ever worked in there are always the typical "Office Blanks".  They are the characters we like to bitch  complain about during our regular (sometimes outside) working hours. Without them we would be bored so cheers to you, you office "blanks"

The Stank Tank - The person that lives and eats at their desk.  If they aren't currently eating, just look for an area covered in leftover crumbs, a greasy keyboard, and overflowing garbage. I've smelled everything from onion and cilantro tacos to Thai food for breakfast coming from these offenders.

The Missing Link - You can never find this person...especially when you need them. They're the empty seat at the meeting, the empty seat in cubicle land, and yet they always say they're "busy".  Doing what? I've always found them wandering the halls or staring at the vending machine.

The Inappropriate -The Female version of this likes to wear super sexy fits to the office and then wonders - "Geez, he kept staring at my boobs through the whole meeting." The Male version would say, "I couldn't help but stare at her boobs through the whole meeting"

The Stalker Talker - They never fail to catch you at your busiest moments.  You're swamped with work, you have your headphones on, you're getting into your groove, and....they wander in yapping about their weekend

So which Office "Blank" am I? All of the above at one time or another....but I did make sure to apologize to my dinosaur loving cubicle neighbor about the tacos. But more importantly....which "Blank" are you?

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