Monday, July 11, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Survivor" for Nothing

The Chitlin had her very First Birthday last month!  Which also means....I survived my very first year of being a Mommy! Phew! Good Lord.... I was sure I was headed for a mental breakdown far worse than any of the most alcohol induced furies of my youth. These are some experiences and discoveries we made during our first year as a fam bam:
  • We can survive on 5 hours of sleep - but become "like a crazy natch the week before her period" on anything under 4.
  • The Mr. goes to the bathroom a lot - usually when the Chitlin is being fussy or shat her diaper
  • The Diaper Genie is super until the Chitlin started solid food - then it became a stank porta potty sitting in the corner of the room
  • A gym membership is not a family necessity - which is why I traded it in for a massage membership
  • Road trips over two hours are not suggested - because they make mommy go cray cray
  • We got an in-house laundry service - it's called me and I don't get paid
  • Hide yo keys, hide yo cell phone - cuz the Chitlin will find them and hide them for you
  • We like to smile at other families in restaurants - but we used to give them the hairy eyeball look
...and those were only tidbits of our first fam bam year! So many adventures in so little time...cheers to year #2 ;)

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