Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Driving Hazard" for Nothing

The Mr. thinks I'm a bad driver. He's right.  I'm a horrible driver...but it has nothing to do with me being a woman...or of Asian decent...or the fact I had to take my driving test twice before I passed.  I'm just a bad driver. Here are some samples of my stellar driving skills:

One afternoon the Mr. called me right after I left the driveway....

Me - "Hello?"
the Mr. - "Did you know you just backed up into the neighbors' car and drove away?"
Me - "Ummm...I must've just tapped it since I didn't notice."
the Mr. - "No...no, you didn't"

Explaining the fresh scrapes on the right side of my front bumper...

Me - "I think I pulled into the driveway too fast"
the Mr. - "How do you not know how to pull into the driveway? You've been pulling in and out of this driveway over and over for a year!!!"
Me - "It's trash day...the trash cans through me off?"

As I drive over the curb...

the Mr. - "You just drove over the curb!"
Me - "It's a curb...it's not like a person"

So...you can understand why I'm not allowed to drive his truck...ever. I guess I'm just a driving hazard.


  1. LOL! My Dear Ana, YOU are to cute, a bit of a hazard, but still cute... xoxo

  2. Hahaha thanks a mucho darlin ;)

  3. I prefer to remain in denial. I'm actually a great driver. Like Danica great. And I'm Asian, too so that makes me more like that guy race car driver great.

    Found you on Bloggy Moms. I'm a sucker for funny mamas.

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  5. Hehe!! I love to laugh -- saw that you're looking to network with other funny mamas! I'm now following you on GFC! Got some good chuckles from your post and looking forward to reading more!

    I write a humorous blog about the joys, trials, and tribulations of motherhood at www.misadventuresinmotherhood.com. It's usually good for a chuckle, and maybe even a snort or two.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, and try not to run over anything else... LOL!

    Smiles, Jenn

  6. My husband wont let me drive his car either, I have gotten in too many accidents for his liking :) Funny post!