Thursday, July 7, 2011

They Don't Call Me "Hip With It" for Nothing

I was thinking of how much more fashion oriented I used to be when I was younger.  Now trends are changing so fast I can barely keep up and sometimes even understand.  Here's a list of what I'm talking about:

Lingerie Swimwear:  The Mr., Chitlin, and I were all at the beach one day when I noticed a group of girls.  "Are they wearing Lingerie?", I asked.  "That can't be waterproof....Is that the style nowadays?" ...."Honey?" .....I had lost him at "Lingerie".

Feathers: I love feather earrings!  I went to the little boutique I love, saw one in brown and gold, and purchased. When I opened the box there was only the one I had brought up to the register....where was its mate? To Google I went and there it was...."One Feather Earring Trend"  Of course...why did I think its mate would be hidden behind the register somewhere?

Risque Work Attire:  Now that it's getting hot outside... Lacy bras, and boobage, and short skirts. Oh my! So, I thought nothing of the day I decided to wear my fancy tube top and wide leg jeans.  That was also the day I found out no one really wears tube tops anymore.

What had happened to me?  I used to think I had some inkling of what was going on.  As these thoughts went through my mind I did a quick mental checklist of my past fashion stages to make myself feel better.

The Gwen Stefani: Colored baggie Dickie's with white boy tank.  Accessorized with a belt, red bra, and, of course, red lipstick. CHECK

The Avril Lavigne: T-shirt and tie. CHECK

The short lived Clueless: Plaid jumper and knee highs. CHECK

?: Tight half top and jeans. I don't know what to call this, but definitely CHECK

Hmmmm....younger me would me disappointed in early 30's me.  I began to feel dead head started to droop and my hand went up to tuck my unbrushed for days hair behind my ear.  It was right then when my fingertips touched my single feather earring and I smiled....."I'm Still Hip with It"


  1. I feel you.....I think it is your looks, because you look so young, but it is he whole mommy thing that throws you off. I have an 11 yr old and I feel ridiculous because she can fit into my clothes. Am I an old lady dressing like a tween or do I still have it that my 11 yr old wants to dress a little older?

  2. LOL! I so get this. I have an almost 17 year old daughter and the fashion trends of my youth are now making a comeback. I could kick myself for not saving the big huge flouncy belts, leg warmers and all the off one shoulder, cut up sweatshirts that were the rage in the 80's. I often find myself asking my daughter... "do you really think you are wearing that outside of this house." oy vey. Now I know how my mom felt, except we use to dress as Madonna's "Like a Virgin."

  3. Darling Ana, this is why I buy lipstick... lots of it! xoxo

  4. I typed my comment and it disappeared! I definitely know that I have lost my fashion sense since having kids, I was much cooler when I was younger :) New follower from bloggy moms, have a great rest of your weekend! You can find me at

  5. Oh! I had a pair of feather earrings and I was so sad that I lost one my first night out. Obviously my accessories are more up on the latest styles than I.

    In other news, I am still LOVIN' this blog. Srusly.

  6. Omg Katie! That's hilarious! Now u know it's hip to just wear one! ;) Thanks for reading :)

  7. I definitely know how you feel! I used to think that I was uber fashion forward and since I've had kids I totally struggle to keep up with the trends and attempt to make them relatable to me as a 30 something mom of two. This is unquestionably difficult to do; some days I feel like it's a hit and others days I feel like a complete miss. But what are you going to do, right? Except for getting right back up on that fashion horse!-)
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