Thursday, July 21, 2011

They Don't Call Me "You're a Mom Now" for Nothing

The Mr. likes to try and control my behavior by using the magic phrase, "You're a Mom Now."  (Yes Dear, I know...I carried a baby in my uterus for nine months and then birthed her out via National Geographic style)  It's almost as if he feels like this is my kryptonite and sometimes just throws it at the end of random sentences. He's used it in many instances such as Better Clear it with the King and the following:

"Babe, you can't be sexy sailor for Halloween - You're a Mom Now."

"Don't get arrested - You're a Mom Now."

"You shouldn't swear so much. - You're a Mom Now." I'm not allowed to be the cursing slutty sailor that gets arrested walking the streets of Orange County anymore.  Got it. I'm a Mom now.


  1. Tell the Mr. to read my, "I'm Hot, You're NOT" post and that he's SO lucky that you're a HOT MILF... Ana Darling, take charge of your MILFyness... "Your a Mom Now!" Cups Up! xoxo